Cyclepsycho Presents

A Very Unique Triumph "Chopper"

When bikers hear the word "Chopper", they usually think of  
something that looks like this:

(this one was built by Rask Cycle)

Not something like this:

Believe it or not, people have actually built flying machines  powered by
Triumph 650 motorcycle engines.  I saw one up close and personal at the
Oregon Air and Space Museum located next to the Airport in Eugene, Oregon.
Some guy spent a hell of a lot of time to build this contraption!
(click any image below to enlarge)

Home built, probably from a kit or plans of some kind.
Note the drip pan for recycling the oil.

Note that this is an old pre-unit Triumph motor and
it must be kick started to get her going.

  I doubt this thing would even come close to passing any kind of FAA inspection...

No expense was spared on the exhaust system

Do you want to build one of these yourself?  Well, you are in luck!
Complete plans are available from Vortech in Fallston, MD.

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