Dave's 1992 Kawasaki KZ1000 Police Special

To paraphrase the Blues Brothers:
ELWOOD: It's got a cop motor, it's got cop tires, cop suspensions, cop shocks. It's
a model made before catalytic converters so it'll run good on regular gas. What do you say, is it the new
Blues Mobile or what?
(Jake after lighting a cigarette)
 JAKE: Fix the cigarette lighter

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This is a former Portland, Oregon Police Department motorcycle.  I purchased it from a private party
in Woodburn, Oregon.  The bike has a little over 52,000 miles on it but still runs like a champ.
I had to replace the drive chain, sprockets and the rear brake rotor and pads.  I also had to weld the muffler back onto
the exhaust pipe on the right side.  The bike is basically a stock cop bike with the red and blue lights and siren
removed.  The radio rack was still on the bike, but as you will see in the pictures below, some of the service
equipment gets removed.  The bike has a new set of Dunlop F16 tires.  They are the "cop tires" that are designed
to run flat at 50 mph and are quite expensive.

Note the giant "boat trailer" lights on the rear crash bars.

A huge fairing, floorboards, switches galore, heated hand grips and a seat your butt melts into.

That's better.  I stripped off the fairing and installed an old Kawasaki headlight I
had in the parts pile with an after market headlight bracket.

Gone are the big "boat trailer" lights and the radio rack.  The passenger seat
is actually from a Honda Trail 90.  It works quite well.

The bike is much quieter and handles better without the butt-ugly fairing.  It also looks
a lot less like a "cop bike".  This bike is fast, nimble and very comfortable to ride.  It's also so quiet that
I can hear my cell phone ring while I'm riding (no, I don't talk on my cell phone WHILE I'm riding).

Note the change to the side cover lettering.  Let there be no mistake, I am not a cop.  I'm not Polish either.
If you want to change your side cover lettering, the font is "Arial Black".  The "Kowalski" is 36 point font
and the "POLISH 1000" is 48 point font.  I printed them out on a laser printer.  If you use an ink jet printer,
the lettering will run as soon as it gets wet.

Now, check out the paint job I gave it:

I wanted the bike to look less like a police bike.  I think this paint
scheme helps to that end. I painted a helmet to match.
The backrest and windshield are from my Harley, the passenger seat
is from a Honda Trail 90 and the foot pegs say "Suzuki" on them.
Some people think I'm a bastard for what I did to this bike.  Frankly, my dear, I
don't give a damn!.  It's my bike and if you don't like it, build your own!
I ride and meticulously maintain it just as well or better than any police department would.
Besides, the changes are only cosmetic.  The bike can be returned to "normal"
with a couple wrenches and a paint gun.

  Here's another passenger seat option.  I bought a used KZ1000P seat
and made some mounting brackets so it fit on the rear fender.  My wife really likes it for comfort.  Zebra skin
is strictly optional............

"What? I love it!"

Recently,  I bought another tank, fenders and set of sidecovers and painted them black.  I'm currently running the bike in the black configuration.  Click the pic below to see it in it's "Black Dress":

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