In Memory Of

Steven Warren Overton
Born 2/27/1955  - Eugene, Oregon
Died May 23, 2002 - Creswell, Oregon

Graveside Service At
Lane Memorial Gardens
Eugene, Oregon
May 31,2002
Chaplain Rick Ausmus officiating

On a sunny Friday morning, motorcyclists from all over joined for
Steve's final ride on earth.  It was a ride to be proud of.
The massive number of bikers participating in this event was testimony to
how many people's lives were touched by Steve.
The procession was organized by Steve's brother, Tom and it was
a sight to behold and an honor to be a part of.

Below are a few pictures from that event:

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The ride started at England's Memorial Chapel in Eugene and ended at Lane Memorial Gardens.

An estimated 300 motorcyclists and at least 300 other friends were in attendance

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Steve, grandson and son Steve Jr.

A billboard was put up in memory of Steve on West 11th Ave. in Eugene.
It's hard to get a good photograph of it from the street, but it really stands out when you see it in person.

From Steve's memorial:

Until Then:
We'll meet again when the world ends,
but until then,
I'll remember all your good years,
your bad and lean years,
your laughter and your tears
I'll remember how you came through it all,
standing so tall,
never complaining,
because you were too tough to fall.
I'll remember how you always had time
for a friend, a smile and a helping hand.
You were a big, big hearted man.
Yes, we'll meet again when this world ends,
but until then,
I'll remember all the funny things
you used to say and do
and all the wonderful times that we shared, too.
Yes, I'll remember from day to day,
and I just want to say
We'll meet again when this world ends,
but until then,
thank for being a part
of our family and our friend.

Here's what has come in this week:

June 3, 2002

I was blessed to be a part of the escort to the cemetary it was
a sight to see the sea of bikes rolling over the hills to Steve'sl ast resting point.

I read this peice,it was so appropriate,at the service it was shared
that Steve had written in his journal that he did know what was
going to happen but he did know that he was in God's hands.  What a
message to all of us.  What an awesome man of faith.

Remember, I told you this day would come
The day I' have to leave you,
But I leave you not alone.

Now I know that my memory is still on your mind
But, you see, the good Lord
is right here by your side
Now, I know you worry, but I'm doing fine
I'm living in a mansion and the Lord says it's mine.
I'm walking on streets of pure gold
I wish I'd been here a long time ago

So, if you cry, don't cry for me
You can't imagine the joy and the peace
There is a smile on my face
I've been saved by his grace
I'm happy here in my place...with the King
So, if you cry, don't cry for me

You know, there are people

living all around you today
Who don't know the Savior
and that he died in their place
Can't you see the Lord needs your help?
Pray for them as you pray for yourself

Now, if you could see Heaven
and feel the joy in my soul
You'd spend the rest of your days preparing to go
Now, don't you know I'm waiting for you
Oh, won't it be wonderful
when your here with me, too

So, if you cry, don't cry for me
You can't imagine the joy and the peace
There is a smile on my face
I've been saved by his grace
I'm happy here in my place...with the King
So, if you cry, don't cry for me

Please Don't Cry For Me...

Don't Cry For Me
Gary Jolly & Paul Ott Copyright © 1991
Published by Dixie Springs Music BMI

I asked for prayer at church today for those who were at the
service that did not know the lord.  I also share about Steve's journal
entry and two people who did not attend the service came to me and
shared about Steve.  Steve has enfluenced many peoples lives and he
will most definately continue to touch people in the afterlife.
Thank you Lord for your grace.

            I Wandered around the cemetary following
            Steve's interment and
            took notice of the array of colours being worn
            by the different clubs
            represented.  There were, of course The Clean
            & Sober Motorcycle Club, The Free Souls
            Motorcycle Club, The Cruisers for Christ,
            Blackjacks, H.O.G., Abate, American
            Motorcycle Association, O.V.M.A., Women on
            Wheels, The Vets, The Christian Motorcycle
            Association, The Apostles, Destination Riders,
            Oregon Confederated Clubs, Eugene Bikers, as
            well as many independents and at least 3 to 4
            more clubs that I missed.
            The Brotherhood & Sisterhood represented
            spoke volumes on his behalf
            The ability to commune and cellebrate his life
            was more then evident in that sea of colour.
            May we all aspire to be remembered as was our
            brother Steve.

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Created May 31, 2002