What's in Cyclepsycho's tool bag:

(click to enlarge)

1. assorted wrenches
2. spare spark plugs
3. spare fuel filter
4. tire pressure gauge
5. combination screwdriver
6. digital VOM
7. Super Glue
8. spark plug gap tool
9. assorted wire ties
10. sockets and wrench (including spark plug socket)
11. assorted wire and connectors (3M quick splice, spade lugs, etc)
12. Spare plugs, points and condensor (for Harley)
13. 12 volt test light
14. Vise Grip pliers
15. electrical tape
16. assored nuts, bolts, misc hardware  including emergency cable end repair kits
17. small pliers
18. spare chain master link
19. wire strippers

And it all fits in this bag:

Also, I carry a set of jumper cables I made out of a lenght of Monster Cable speaker wire:

It's also a good idea to toss in a few pairs of disposable latex gloves in case you have some messy repairs.
You don't want to put your greasy, dirty hands back in your riding gloves, now do you?

On long trips, I carry a spare clutch cable and a small can of fix a flat.

And when all else fails, AAA+ card, credit card and a cell phone:

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